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Shoe Size Chart To Know About Perfect Fit

Shoe Size Chart

Shopping for shoes is really fascinating. One can explore many options in shoes while shopping. Having a great collection of shoes is really good. One can change the shoe according to dresses and outfits. The main features are to be considered while buying shoes.

Features like color, pattern, design, most importantly size is to be emphasized. It’s noticeable that when we buy shoes then sometimes the fit becomes large and sometimes it’s small. That is why it is important to know how you can choose a perfect pair of shoes.

This blog will help you by providing you with shoe size charts that will help in understand the perfect fit for you. You can explore the shoe size chart for men and for women. Read this blog and learn how you can get the best fitting shoes for your use.

How To Measure Men’s Shoe Size 

How to Measure Men Shoe Size

You can measure shoe size of men by following the points or steps mentioned below. Note the steps and then accurately measure them.

  • Take a white sheet and then place your feet on that blank sheet. Take a marker and point it.
  • Put your socks on and place them on the sheet.
  • Balance your feet on the sheet and then press it on the sheet.
  • Trace the foot with the help of a marker. Tracing should be done properly. The shape of your foot should be traced with a proper marker on the sheet.
  • You have to repeat the process of tracing for another foot.
  • Now you need to write down the measurement in inches and centimeters. 
  • Choose a big size if any confusion is there.

By following these steps you can measure the shoe size accurately. By knowing the measures of your foot you can refer to the table.

Shoe Size Chart For Men

The shoe size chart for men can be referred to here. You can check out the process of measuring size by checking the shoe size chart for men. The size chart is for Indian size, UK shoe size, and US shoe size chart.

The Indian shoe size chart includes US and UK size charts are shared as follows for men.

US size UK size Indian size Inches
6 5.5 5.5 9.25
6.5 6 6 9.25
7 6.5 6.5 9.625
7.5 7 7 9.75
8 7.5 7.5 9.935

Refer to this shoe size chart for UK, US, and Indian sizes. You can follow the steps below to choose accordingly.

  • When you shop online then check what measurements are mentioned and in which units.
  • After checking you can fix the shoe size.
  • Go with a bigger size if you feel confused.

Tips For Measuring Women’s Shoe Size

Tips For Measuring Women Shoe Size

You can refer to the steps mentioned below for knowing the accurate size of your shoe. Get the best measurements by taking these things into consideration.

  • You have to draw a straight line on a piece of paper by placing your foot on it.
  • Place the foot at the plane surface and make sure that you are getting proper measurements.
  • From longest toe to heel you can measure it.
  • Measure the distance between marks.
  • Now you can measure it with a scale.

Note down the number and then match it with the table.

Table Of Shoe Size Chart For Women

The table of shoe size charts for women’s shoes is shared as follows. You can check the Indian, UK, and US size charts within it. Refer to the table below.

US size Uk size Indian size  Inches
5 3 3 8.5
5.5 3.5 3.5 8.75
6 4 4 8.875
6.5 4.5 4.5 9.06
7 5 5 9.25

This table can help in getting the right dimensions. You can match the size by taking help from the following points.

  • Choose the shoe that you want to wear.
  • Now check the size chart.
  • Match your shoe size with the size chart. 

Within these steps you can have perfectly fitted shoes. Do not choose shoes that are unfit for your feet.

Things To Avoid While Choosing Shoe Size

Things To Avoid While Choosing Shoe Size

There are certain things that you need to avoid while choosing the right shoe size. The things that you have to avoid for choosing perfect fits are shared as follows.

  • Avoid choosing shoe size without matching with your exact measurements.
  • Avoid guessing your shoe size. Take proper measurements and then match it.
  • Reference from tables is a must and it can be very helpful.
  • Shoes that are tight or uncomfortable are not to be chosen.

All these things are to be avoided while choosing a shoe size. Follow proper steps and then select a shoe for yourself. While online shopping table reference is must.

Perks Of Size Chart

With the help of a size chart you can get perfectly fitting shoes. The main perks of the size chart are shared as follows.

  • The size chart can help in having comfortable shoes.
  • Size charts can help in providing exact measurements.
  • Reference is easy from the size chart.
  • The unfitted shoes can be rejected.
  • It ensures proper usage of shoes.
  • Different size charts can help in better understanding.

Thus size charts for shoes for different dimensions are required as they help in having great shoes. Refer to good shoes and perfect size charts for the perfect pick.

Here are some online shopping hacks to try before buying the shoes and avail of the extra discount on the shoe shopping. 


Shoe size charts are very useful. One can refer to the shoe size chart mentioned in this blog. The shoe size chart for men and women are shared here. The size chart shared the dimension of Indian, UK, US shoes sizes. Refer to the men and women sections for accurate dimensions. Whenever you are going to shop for shoes then sizes will never be an issue. Match the measurements of shoes with this size chart and then choose perfect shoes. You can learn about the steps of measurements too that are shared here in this blog. Shop the best shoes with the best sizes. Shop and explore more but choose the right ones.

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