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Best Black Blazer Combination With Shirt And Pants

Best Black Blazer Combination With Shirt And Pants

A black blazer is a very styled blazer. Every age group uses it. From a farewell party in school to official meetings, black blazers give chances to wear them in different manners. The one who styles it properly is the one who slays any event.

Do you have a black blazer? If yes then this blog will tell you how you can style your blazer in different methods. You can do it easily. You will learn about the shirt combinations and the pant combinations. 

Read the sections and explore the trendiest ways of styling black blazers with shirts and pants. Black blazer is a blazer that never goes off style. So let’s just start telling you about the best ways of styling it.

Best Black Blazer Shirt Combinations – The Right Shirts To Pair with It

Under the blazer you can wear the right colour shirt. The shirt combination will finalise your upper look. Look at the options below and then know which shirt to choose.

Light Blue Shirt 

Light Blue Shirt with Black BlazerLight blue shirts or sky blue shirts with a black blazer are a perfect shirt combination. Make your meetings great and successful with this look. Carry this look and then see how perfect you look. Plain light blue shirt or striped shirt can be chosen.

White Shirt For Having A Stylish Look

white shirt with black blazer

You can choose bright white shirt to style with a black blazer. White shirts with black blazers are a never-ending combination. Try this look and then get good outcomes. You will love this combination.

Grey Shirt For A Unique Look

black blazer with grey shirt

You can style a unique look in grey shirt with black blazer. You can try this with a plain grey shirt. Choose the best fabric of a grey shirt to have a comfortable look. It’s best to get a branded shirt for the right quality.

Black Slim Fit Shirt To Try A Classy Look

black blazer with black shirt

You must have observed how the overall black look fascinates the observer.  You can try the black shirt with a matching black blazer. A slim fit black shirt will give you a classy look. Try it and slay the event.

These shirt combinations are the right ones. You can try it for a good look. Have a majestic and attractive look in a black blazer by choosing the right shirt color.

Adding a red and navy blue check shirt under a black blazer can create a stylish and versatile look, perfect for both casual outings and smart-casual events.

Best Pants Combinations With Black Blazer

Pants and their color with a black blazer is important to choose from. Have good pants with a black blazer and then get a good look. The best pant combinations with black blazers are shared as follows. 

White Pants For A Contrasting Look

black blazer with white pants

White and black combination is a good one. Have good white pants to style with black blazer. You can have skin fit white jeans or wide leg pants in white colour according to preference. Style it accordingly.

Black Pants For A Bold Look

black blazer with black pants

Black blazer with black pants is the best combination. A black pants have a good charm. Stye the black blazer with right black pants of your size. Style this look in formal and informal events. You will get good outcomes.

Brown Pants To Have An Enchanting Look

black blazer with brown pants

Brown pants give a neutral look to you. With the right shoes and black blazer they will look good. Get brown pants that suit you perfectly. You can wear this outfit at cafes, brunch dates, offices, etc.

Black Blazer And Check PantsBlack Blazer And Check Pants

Check pants with black blazer are good to pair. They give a complete look. Check pants are trending and you can choose good black shoes with them. Have this look and be stylish.

These are the top pants combinations that you can choose with black blazer. Try these looks and then be confident about your look. You will love the final outfits. 

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Factors To Consider While Choosing The Right Shirt And Pants With Black Blazer

The main factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing the right shirt and pants are shared as follows. Check these points and then decide the good shirts and pants.

  • While buying a shirt you need to check the right size. Consider the style of the collar too.
  • Choose the right colour of shirts and pants that can go well with your black blazer.
  • Be specific about the type of shirt. You can choose from slim fit, regular fit, etc.
  • Try the final looks before buying the shirt and pants.
  • Go with the best quality shirt and pants.
  • Check the ratings if you are buying online.

These tips can help you in getting the right shirt and pants. Get a good look in your black blazer.

A navy blue and white check shirt pairs perfectly with a black blazer, adding a classic yet stylish touch to your ensemble.


The black blazer and its styling options are shared here in this blog. Get the right styling by choosing a good shirt colour and pants colours. Read this blog and get the right information. Style yourself accurately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Can I use black blazer in informal events?

Answer 1. Black blazers can be styled in informal events too. You can choose shirt colours like pink, beige, green to pair with black blazer. Be it formal events or informal events, black blazer will help you in styling everywhere.

Question 2. What colour shoes to pair with black blazer?

Answer 2. Shoe colors like brown or black are the most common shoe colours that can be styled with black blazers. You will get good looks in these shoes colours. Choose branded and comfy shoes to pair with black blazer.

Question 3. What is the price of black blazer?

Answer 3. Black blazers can be styled on an affordable budget. You can get black blazers that start from Rs 1,500. The price of black blazer can go up to Rs 5000 to 7000. Choose according to budget.

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