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Best Kurta Colors for Women to Stay Cool This Summer

Best Kurta Colors for Women

With the arrival of summer season changes in clothing style has also arrived. People are switching to cool cotton clothes to stay cool this summer. For women, kurtas are one of the favourite clothing items for summer. Kurta provides comfort and style and it helps in protecting from peak summer.

Kurtas are of many types and one needs to choose a breathable and cool one for summer. For summer women need to pick good colours that can help in giving them relief. The best kurta colours for women to stay cool this summer are shared in this blog.

You can read this blog and you can check the colour options that can help in making you cool. Choose the good ones so that you can style with the best options. 

Importance Of Kurta Colours In Summer

The colour of the kurta in summer is very important. You need to understand the main important factors of it. Kurta colour is important because-

  • Good colour can help in making you feel cool.
  • Light colours can help in feeling refreshed.
  • You can look modest by choosing the right colour.
  • The styling can be done wisely by choosing the right colour of the kurta.
  • It can give an overall good look.
  • A good colour can help in saving you from the heat of summer.
  • Sweat absorption is done by choosing the right fabric and the right colour.

All these reasons tell why the colour of the women kurta is important and why it is to be considered. You can now read the options of colours that are shared in the next section. Choose the right colour and make yourself feel pretty. Use the one that can help you in summer.

List Of Best Women Kurta Colours  To Stay Cool This Summer

The colours option that you can choose for yourself are shared in this section. Best kurta colours options can be checked here in following points.

Pastel Pink Kurta For Women

Pastel Pink Kurta For Women

The pastel pink colour is a soothing one. You can style this easily. Pastel pink colour is appealing and it is good for summer. You can opt for this colour along with a good kurta design. This colour will make you look young.

Powder Blue Kurta For Women

Powder Blue Kurta For Women

A powder blue colour kurta is suitable for women in summer. This colour can be styled easily. Choose a breathable fabric in this colour. You will have a good look in this kurta. Choose a good print in this kurta colour.

Light Yellow Kurta Colour

Light Yellow Kurta Colour

For summer a light shade of yellow can be chosen. It will give you a comfortable look. Make sure that you choose good designs in this. Yellow with a theme of another colour is a good option. Bring a yellow kurta for this summer.

Pinkish Red Kurta

Pinkish Red Kurta

A pink touch with red colour is a great option. It can help in having a complete majestic look. Choose this colour for summer and make yourself look good. You will have a superb effect with help of this colour. It is comfortable and trendy.

Mint Green Kurta

Mint Green Kurta for Women

Nothing can be more refreshing and lively than a mint green colour. This colour is suitable for all. Bring a kurta of this colour this summer season for staying cool. A mint green colour will make you feel calm. 

Light Blue Kurta

A light blue kurta is an evergreen one. This colour kurta is made for peak summer seasons. Women who love wearing kurtas should definitely have this shade of kurta. Style it with good bottom wear and slay it with a bun.

Beige Colour Kurta For Neutral Touch

A beige colour is nowadays very trendy. People love exploring its different items. A kurta for women in beige shade is good to use. Summer seasons require calming shades and this is one of them.

Peach Shade For Soft Touch

Peach shade is light and looks good. A peach kurta can be preferred this summer. Style it accordingly and have a great look. You will have amazing bliss and joy by choosing this colour.

These colours are suitable for the summer season. Collect these good colour kurta sets and make your summer special. Choose the one that makes you feel light.

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Some Good Kurta Styles To Try This Summer

Now look at these amazing kurta styles that you can try this summer. These ideas will help in having a good summer season with good styles. Look at the options below.

  • Tie and dye kurta set in great cotton fabric will help in beating the heat.
  • Plain pink kurta with pink plazo will make you feel pretty.
  • A line kurta with dupatta is a good option and the A line style looks good too. You can have an amazing shade in it.
  • Printed kurtas in breathable fabric. You can consider a good print in this style for looking good.

These kurta styles are good for the summer season. Pick a style for yourself and then make yourself summer ready. You will feel mesmerised with its look. Choose wisely.

A blue chikankari kurta for women is an elegant choice that combines traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary color, making it a standout piece for any wardrobe.


Kurta colours for women in the summer season are important. You need to choose  the right colour of kurta for wearing in summer. The right kurta will help in keeping you cool and light. Read this blog and choose the right kurta colour for yourself. The light shades are preferred as they feel good in summer. Some styles of kurtas are also shared in this blog that can be checked. You can read it out for overall good knowledge. Choose good print, fabric and colour for this summer season. Say bye to heat by making the right choice. Choose nicely.

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